What Our Patients Are Saying


I needed to have x-rays and an ultrasound the last two emergent visits to my Doctor. On both occasions the staff at Montclair Radiology went above and beyond to schedule my appointment the same day. The staff showed concern for my situation and they are always very friendly. I am happy to have the opportunity to share these pleasant experiences with others and highly reccomend Montclair Radiology for their outstanding service.

Joyce, Nutley

I am using my tail wagging dog because as a human we can not wag our tail when comfortable or pleased with an encounter.......such as a patient at Montclair Radiology.

Jane, Montclair

I have used Montclair radiology over the last at least 20 years. Just recently I had to have a MRI of my right hip done. The technician unfortunately I do not remember his name, was wonderful. I had numerous questions, that he answered fully and completely. The MRI was done professionally and quickly. It only took about 15 to 20 minutes versus the latest MRI I had done in the hospital that took over 45 minutes to complete. I would highly recommend Montclair radiology to anyone.

Patricia , West Caldwell

It was easy to schedule the appointment and I was very satisfied with  the time my technologist took with me.

C. Malcolm, Montclair

It was my first time visiting this center. My first impression was a cozy environment, staff is very friendly and all my needs were met. I highly recommend MR.

Teresa, West Caldwell

It was my first MRI and it was a tough one. I was very anxious but, from the minute I walked in to the Montclair office, I was greeted with a smile that somehow assured me that everything will go smoothly. After a few moments, I was brought in by the technician who was very compassionate and understanding about what I was going through and may be feeling. He also treated me with a care that made me feel at ease. I made it through the MRI with very little anxiety after that. The staff truly made my experience an effortless one.

Laura , Montclair

Montclair Radiology has been an essential part of navigating all that life has thrown at me the past several years. Whether it's been the biopsy and ultrasounds I've needed for my thyroid, an MRI for the quadricep muscle that pulled away from my knee when I fell, or simply the imaging that confirmed a suspected fatty liver, Montclair Radiology has been a trusted provider of health related information.

Lisa, Montclair

I had a very good experience being treated at Montclair Radiology.  They got in contact with me as soon as they knew that something was abnormal in my X-rays.

Maria, Montclair

Always a pleasure going here. So easy to get an appointment and the staff was very friendly. The technicians are personable and professional. Would definitely recommend.

Dana, Nutley

Montclair Radiology made it simple to schedule my appointment, communicate with my doctor and their staff was very professional and comforting.

Janine, Nutley

I can honestly say this was such an amazing experience. I had heard horror stories about MRIs and this went so smoothly. The technician was amazing the receptionist was so helpful especially with scheduling because I had some issues with my insurance! The facility was clean and welcoming. I traveled an hour away from home based on a recommendation to come to Montclair Radiology and it was well worth the drive. I don’t think I’ll go anywhere else.

Christine, Montclair

I was very satisfied with the amount of time the technologist spent with me.

Eileen, Montclair

Everyone at the Nutley office were so attentive. They all made me feel really comfortable.

Sara, Nutley

My experience was great (as usual) and my tech/nurse was so patient and nice. She made sure I was comfortable and ok through my entire MRI process. I love Montclair Radiology, I consistently use them because they’re the best. And I always get very nice nurses and techs too, which always makes my experience great.

Nicole, West Caldwell

I visited the Jersey City location on two different occasions, and both times, I was impressed with the level of professionalism of the staff; the cleanliness of the office, the knowledge of the technicians; and furthermore, the speed of my visit. They made me feel at ease and I was in and out in no time. Thank you for a job well done

Awa, Jersey City

My name is Christina and I am a 36 year old, proud mother of two amazing boys and a special education teacher. Both of my mother’s sisters have had issues with their breasts, so I decided to be proactive and get a mammogram as a precaution. I was very nervous, but the staff at the Verona office was kind, understanding, and compassionate. My technician explained everything she was doing throughout the process, in addition to words of encouragement. Now, I just await my test results! Thank you for guiding me through my first mammogram. Enjoy your summer!

Christina, Verona

This is not my first time there! I have returned several times throughout the years because of you’re excellence I have trusted Montclair Radiology with my children!

Penwah, Montclair

Had to get a sonogram of my thyroid done. Most pleasant visit ever. The staff is very friendly and it took me no wait time at all, the service is rapid. Definitely will recommend

Awa, Jersey City

From the minute I walked in the door until I left I was treated with the utmost professionalism and pleasantness! I highly recommend Montclair Radiology!

Levi, Montclair

I was told by my orthopedic that I needed an MRI for my shoulder. I never had one and heard stories of claustrophobia, fearing that would be my case. The technician was so knowledgeable and kind that I made it through without discomfort. I am thankful for this positive experience.

Jo-Ann, Nutley

I had a very nice first visit. And everything went smoothly.

Nancy, Jersey

Your staff has always been very understanding and friendly. I get very anxious when I come and they always calm me down. Thank you.

Olivia, West Caldwell

I walked in worried about my insurance being accepted, and the staff was very patient with me as I called the company to be sure I was covered. Everyone was super nice and made me feel welcome. I didn't spend much time in the waiting room, but it looked very comfortable and offers complimentary coffee, tea, and water. Haven't seen that at any other radiology place I've been to. Kudos to management!

Beth, Montclair

I have been going to the Montclair location for over 10 years and each time the Staff and technicians are very kind and courtesy in taking care of my exam and I just would to thank you for being so thoughtful.

Delores, Montclair

Everything was great! I was treated well. I would love to revisit your facility again.

Cynthia, Jersey City

Montclair Radiology has always been my "go to" place for any tests that I've needed to have. Making appts is easy and quick as there are many convenient locations. The staff is compassionate and friendly which always makes for a comfortable nice experience!


Julia , Nutley

Needed an MRI, called for the appointment, the staff called my insurance right away, got the approval. Even early on Sat. AM (7:30) the staff was upbeat and pleasant, only waited about 10 minutes for the MRI tech to come get me. He was excellent, explained everything I would see and hear, made sure I was ok once in the MRI instrument. He also let me know every few minutes how much longer it would be. I was in and out of the appointment, even with 20 minutes for the actual MRI, in 45 minutes. Awesome teamwork MRG!!!

Eleanor, Nutley

I went to Montclair Radiology for my yearly mammogram exam and knowing how uncomfortable and painful this test usually is, the staff was very understanding, professional and quick. I have been going here for years and will as long as I can.

Dana, Montclair

This was with my second appt.   I brought my dog and Cindy was so nice and understanding and explained everything to me and the second time I brought my boyfriend and she let him stay in the room with me. She is so knowledgeable and easy to talk to and made me feel at ease. I had a seizure last year and a brain bleed and my neurologist wanted me to go for a follow up MRI. I went to another facility and I pressed the buzzer - it was very scary because and they didn’t explain anything to me. Montclair Radiology was awesome. It was so super clean and the machine was not is bad as I thought. My MRI was with contrast and Cindy was so gentle with the needle I didn’t feel anything. I am happy to say I am doing great now and I definitely will be recommending Montclair radiology. Cindy -  I will see you next year for my repeat MRI and thank you again for the kind service :-)

Michelle, Montclair

I lost my prescription a couple of days before my appointment, but the secretaries at my primary doctor’s office were gracious enough to fax it to Montclair Radiology. I was running late for my Saturday appointment, but luckily had the opportunity to go right in for my thyroid ultrasound. They already had everything, including the paperwork, prepared for me. The technician was fast and efficient so I was in and out!

Amber, Montclair

I am a cancer patient and the first time I had a biopsy through Montclair Radiology, during the exam time, my  technician was very professional and kind to keep  me calm .

Behnaz , Nutley

I had just gotten out of three weeks of rehab at the Kessler Institute, and I had to go out and get blood work. It was a process of getting out of bed, taking the walker to a chair at the top of the stairs, then down the stairs one at a time, transfer into the car, and you get the idea. We got the blood taken, and remembered that we needed an x-ray of my back for an appointment the following week. We called Montclair Radiology on the spur of the moment, and they had something available right away. They took me right in, took and checked the x-rays, and we're just very nice the whole time. It was a great experience, and I was so glad to get that done on my first trip out of the house.

Chap, Verona

The staff at the Nutley office are some of the sweetest and efficient I have ever encountered. A dreaded mammogram became a pleasant experience.

Ruth, Nutley

Excellent service. Very satisfied with my visit. 

Robin, Montclair

I've been going to Montclair Radiology for many years. I never feel anxious or worried. Everyone is so very pleasant and patient. I never had to wait long periods of time. My appointments were right on time. They are very organized and I actually like going...even when I had to have a biopsy and was a little worried about the results. With that being said, it makes a huge difference when the staff is so polite and sweet!

Jacqueline, Montclair

I Have used Montclair Radiology for many years, particulatly the West Caldwell office. I always ask that the results also be sent to me... and I never have to worry because they always are sent. Last visit, i had coffee and a breakfast bar while waiting for the film to be read. It makes a tense time much more relaxing!

Fran, West Caldwell

Very prompt with scheduling appointments. Staff were friendly and courteous. Very professional.

Janet, Montclair

Everyone there is great! All of the Technicians as well as the Billing /Receptionists are all wonderful and always make you feel at ease. I don’t get afraid to get a Mammogram anymore!!! Thanks so much Ladies!!! Lori thanks again for all of your helpful knowledge!! Well done West Caldwell Montclair Radiologist!!!

Andrea, West Caldwell

Easy to schedule my appointment. I was very satisfied with the time my technologist spent with me.

Dana, Montclair



Everyone is very nice and pleasant, which makes the experience a little easier to tolerate!



Linda, West Caldwell

Montclair Radiology is a well run place. Was easy to make appointment, getting in and out is efficient. Staff is always friendly.

Leonard, Montclair

Great staff, very easy to make an appointment.

Pat, Nutley

Cindy made my breast mri experience so comforting. I am extremely claustrophobic and she was so wonderful in talking with me before during and after! I will only hope if I ever need another imaging appt. I will be back and request her as my tech. 
Thank you so very much

Bernice, Montclair

My experience was on Friday the 23rd of March. I needed to X-Ray my left and right ankles. The X-Ray tech was so patient and comforting to me because the position I had to put my ankle was a bit painful but she made it easy through the session. And the front desk was also amazing they are polite and curious to me and explain how the process work. Thank you Montclair Radiology.

Jacqueline , Nutley

There were challenges getting my body situated just just right for the mammogram, but the technician was both apologetic and persistent because she wanted to be sure to get everything so I didn't have to come back. She was very attentive and professional.

Tracy, Montclair

My Tech was great, and also the nurse on the premises was outstanding. The service was outstanding. I would highly recommend your facility. Thank you! ANDREW ODonnell, Fire captain and superior officer union president.

Andrew, West Caldwell

As someone who has had to have frequent MRIs since they were 15 I can’t recommend Montclair Radiology enough! I’ve gone to other places and Montclair Radiology has been the best! They’ve also treated my family members and friends super well! It’s easy to make an appointment and everyone is super friendly the day of the appointment!

Sam, West Caldwell

I was asked to do an ultra sound, picked Montclair Radiology and it was the right choice. From booking an appointment to the actual test went very smoothly. Great experience!

Hasnain, Montclair

The staff incredibly friendly from the moment I walked through the door all to the CT table. It's a very well kept place & the staff are friendly & knowledgeable. Great atmosphere all around!

Octavio, Jersey City

I had a mammogran five years ago, and I had an early stage of breast cancer. This week, I had my mammogram and it turn out ok. Special thanks to everybody at the Montclair Radiology. The staff is super. I also strongly recommend early breast screening mammograms starting at age 40. I am submitting a picture of cancer survivor day

Rosalia, Montclair

The staff at Montclair Radiology was very friendly and professional. I would recommend it!

Perez, Nutley

Jasmine was great... she has a personable disposition and made me feel very comfortable in an uncomfortable exam. Receptionist was nice too. Very organized! Thank you.

Camy , Montclair

My technician was Cindy - she was very kind and thorough. Took the time to explain everything to me and was able to get the IV access with only one stick (no small feat!) I was seen on time and the whole procedure took less than 30 minutes. My doctor's office had a bit of trouble obtaining the prior authorization needed and I needed to reschedule, but the office staff was very accommodating about that.

Maureen, Montclair

Getting ready for my first 3D mammography!
Not only did I just turn 40 but I also had to schedule a mammogram... I was quite apprehensive because my mother used to tell me horror stories about how awful these were. The technician did a wonderful job explaining the procedure and guiding me through it. It was over in less than 10 minutes. Slightly uncomfortable but not painful at all!

Julia, Montclair

Scheduling was as easy as 1 phone call. Technicians were kind and caring. Appointment times were adhered to as well.

Kathleen, Nutley

I am have been a patient at your facility quite a few times. Love the way I am treated. Their very professional and you never have to wait too long. I've visited all three locations very clean. I would not go anywhere else.

Maria, Montclair

I called for an MRI on Friday for my foot and the staff worked quickly and efficiently to schedule me for later that day. I am always greeted pleasantly and professionally when I arrive. The technician was very patient and knowledgeable and was able to easily answer all my questions.

Robin, Nutley

Excellent Service.



The best place ever for mammograms. They get you in and out and get the job done!! Very nice technicians!!

Darla, Nutley

I had a wonderful technician at Montclair Radiology. She was kind and efficient and put me at ease. I have been coming here for years and they make having my mammogram done a quick and painless procedure.


Jessica, Montclair

I have been going to Montclair Radiology in Nutley for years and it is always a pleasant experience. Everyone is professional and there is no extended wait time. Everything is explained and you are treated like an individual! I am a Nurse, and I have worked with women’s health issues, and heard horror stories about mammograms. I would recommend Montclair radiology in Nutley to all!! Won’t go anywhere else, keep up the great work!

Lisa, Nutley

Over 20 years of excellent service for our entire family.

Lillie, Montclair

Customer Service was great. I was a few minutes late and saw the doctor in no time. The doctor was very nice, and concerning, very patient. I would definitely go back.

Ajah, Jersey City

I am glad that I went to Montclair Radiology in Jersey City for my chest x ray because staff and service is exceptional and quick !!


Jersey City

Asked my technician if they ever found cancer. She said “All the time.” I was not happy until she explained that their equipment is so excellent that they pick up the littlest cells. Now I am happy!

Naoma, Montclair

Had a regular mammogram done and had to go to back for a sonogram.

Me, apple picking., Nutley

All three visits to each location were efficient and pleasant.

Sabino, Montclair

My experience is always wonderful at the West Caldwell office.

Evelyn , West Caldwell

I didn't even look anywhere else. I have so many good memories with Montclair radiology. I know how fast and professional they are. I had PAT X-rays for both my daughter and myself and they were done so fast, we were both surprised. But then again, I really wasn't. You guys are just awesome!

Janet, West Caldwell

First let me start by saying I have a abnormal fear of cancer so years ago when I was called bk for additional pics for my mamo I freaked out!! Barbara Locasio in the West Caldwell office went above & beyond for me. She was compassionate, explained everything, professional and even got me in for the pics sooner than I was originally told I could come (I was called bk on a Friday & was told I would have to wait until Monday). In the end it all turned out ok. Barbara's kindness will never be forgotten!! She did not treat me as just another patient. Her personal touch made me feel calmer & more at ease. That goes a very long way when you are waiting for results that could go either way. Since then I always ask for an appt. when she is working. She is outstanding!!


Mary Lou, West Caldwell

You guys have a great ship floating there. Fantastic service. Blessings to you all!

Carmelo, Nutley

My experience was fast and easy,and the technician was very pleasant

Christina, Jersey

I highly recommend having your annual mammogram screening. The facility is comfortable and the receptionist and technicians are friendly. Very easy to make an appointment and sometimes there is a technician available to read your screening on site. Thank you

Janine, Nutley

The staff saw to all my concerns and needs and the procedure went smooth.

Thomas, West Caldwell

The office was very helpful in helping me reschedule and get me another appointment asap . Technicians made you feel very comfortable and were very professional They were all so nice.

Chris, West Caldwell

I had a very early appointment so it was nice n quite and quick. The tech was very pleasant.

Rosemary, Nutley

I was nervous about getting a mammogram, the staff reassured me and explained every step of the way. I will make sure I don’t skip this important test again!

Deborah, Nutley

In the fall of 2015 I had a MRI in Montclair of the lumbar spine for pain which noted a large left adnexal cyst on one ovary. This was a shock to me and my OBGYN. Had a pelvic in April with no sign or symptoms of a problem. After a pelvic ultrasound it was confirmed that the cyst was on my left ovary the size of a softball. The ovary and tube on the left were removed. I made a complete recovery! Thank you MR in Montclair. Pain was degenerative disc disease and facet arthrosis.

Carol, Montclair

I have always gone to MR Nutley office for all my imagines and have always been extremely satisfied with everything. No improvement necessary!

Charmaine, Nutley

I always use Montclair Radiology because I trust them and the respect my needs. Everyone is always so nice!!

Robin, Nutley

Always treated professionally and made my experience “enjoyable.”

Kevin, Montclair

I always use Montclair Radiology because I trust them and the respect my needs. Everyone is always so nice!!

Robin, Nutley

I got my appt. the within hours of my request and it was very good experience.

Bob, Montclair

The woman that helped me went out of her way to be helpful in any way possible.

Patricia, Montclair

It was a very good experience.

Dana, Nutley

I went in worried and came out calm and reassured by the wonderful staff. Thank you!

Roberta, Nutley

I was very satisfied with the time my technologist spent with me.

Paula, Montclair

Been a PT of MR for over 25 yrs, truly satisfied and hankful for the wonderful Techs and courteous, caring , helpful staff. Been to all locations, kudos to all!!!! Thank you!

Julia, Nutley

Fast, friendly, professional service. They pay attention to all the details.

Brian, West Caldwell

I'm a dog walker and I developed a painful arthritic hip, which is a challenge when walking 6 to 8 dogs a day. In constant pain, I needed to confirm my hip had deteriorated to the point where surgery(hip replacement) may be necessary. I had an appointment with my surgeon in 2 days and the staff at Montclair Radiology was able to schedule me right away and provide the x-rays & analysis to my surgeon in time for our meeting. Thanks to your empathy and quick service I was able to obtain an early surgery date in Dec. and be up & about
and pain free in time for the Holidays. The dogs were happy too!

Bill, Verona

I love this place , Everyone is very nice and respectable willing to make your day as comfortable as possible while you are visiting for the day. I highly recommend this office in Nutley NJ.

Chenita, Nutley

I have been going to the Nutley location for years. From the moment you walk in, the front desk associate greets you promptly and with a smile on their face. The person doing the testing always treats me with compassion. They take the time to explain everything and are always friendly!

Jasna, Nutley

Very easy to schedule appointment.

Angel, Montclair

Great experience - Will definitely come back.

Tony, Montclair

"I was very nervous about getting a MRI. When I arrived I filled out some paperwork and then was immediately greeted by a very calming tech. I was glad I didn't have time to worry in the waiting room. The tech reassured me that she would be right there if I felt like I had to come out of the machine. She explained exactly how long it would take and gave me updates during the test. The open MRI is really not bad if you are claustrophobic."

Wayne, Montclair

"I came to Montclair Radiology for an MRI on my right knee, which I had injured playing basketball six weeks earlier. Because of a busy travel schedule, I had a need for an almost immediate turnaround of the results to my orthopedic surgeon. The people at Montclair Radiology listened to me describe my particular need - and they delivered the results to my surgeon within 24 hours. Consequently, I was able to meet with my surgeon the day after my MRI.

Everyone at Montclair Radiology, where I have gone for various radiology needs over the years, has been courteous, kind, and professional. They get an A+ in my book!"

Robert, Montclair

My most recent visit to Montclair Radiology was for a CT scan of my right foot. I was facing possible metatarsal surgery, after breaking three bones. As usual, from the minute I entered the door until I left, I received A Plus service! I appreciated the sense of professionalism humor and genuine kindness of everyone whom I came in contact with. Thanks a million! PS: the scan showed that I didn't need surgery, thanks to the results of the scans.

Maria, Verona


On the day of my visit I was nervous because of past visits and multiple returns; I shared this with the tech and she said your insurance carrier now pays for three D so hopefully this will eliminate return visits so do not stress out over it, and thanks to God I received a letter that all is normal.

Wanda, Nutley


Always a warm and friendly greeting. Staff is comforting and they answer all questions completely. They take the fear out of the experience.

Leonard, Montclair

I had a wonderful experience at Montclair Radiology. The staff is extremely efficient , respectful and professional. I was seen right away and all of my questions were answered.

Jessica, Montclair

I am thankful and happy for every good report I get from Montclair Radiology. The staff has always been so kind to me and my husband (yes, my husband has visited as well). Yesterday, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary!

Lucille, Nutley

I had the same technician I had last year who did my Mammo and I was so thrilled she was doing it again (I forgot her name) however she is one of the nicest people I have ever met and made me feel so comfortable. I also loved the technician who did my ultrasound as well. I was scared and she made me feel very comfortable as well. I will come back for all my services at the West Caldwell location.

Tara, West Caldwell

My experience at Montclair Radiology was wonderful. The staff are very polite and accommodating for example, they serve coffee and water for the patients most of all appointments are flexible.

Jacqueline, Nutley

I went to the West Caldwell location to get 2 MRI's in the open MRI machine and from the second I walked in to the second I left the staff there was so accommodating, warm and welcoming. My appointments there are always on time or even earlier than my appointment time. They answer questions with a smile and always make me feel comfortable during any procedure. I know every time I go there that I'll have a pleasant experience. I really can't say enough about this location and the staff there. I would recommend this place to everyone I know. Thank you for being so great!!

Lisa, West Caldwell


Montclair Radiology is my first choice for any x-rays or medical imaging procedures I need. Making an appointment is easy as I am always able to get an appointment that is convenient for my schedule. The office staff is friendly and the atmosphere is very nice and comfortable. The technicians are exceptional, professional and also very nice and I am always greeted with a smile.

Adrena, Montclair

"I have a complicated medical history and been going to W. Caldwell a lot this year. I get scared, the staff, all of the staff show great compassion and I am at ease. All are friendly, gentle and in no time test is done. The office is clean and accommodate while waiting. But in the end it's all about the GREAT STAFF. Thank you ALL."

Patricia, West Caldwell

"I know that by coming here i am treated  with respect and dignity and the staff are wonderful."

Sally, Nutley

"I was able to get my script from my doctor in the morning and Montclair Radiology was able to schedule my appointment for the same afternoon, mammography and bone density as well. Didn't have a long wait at all, staff is very friendly and it is a very comfortable, clean location. Plus I already got results in the mail. A friend of mine has recently developed breast cancer so it was very important to me to have the testing done, I do go every year and prefer Montclair Radiology over any other similar agencies."

Laurie, Montclair

"I always have a great experience coming to Montclair Radiology. The staff is always congenial. Kindness towards people during their various conditions and circumstances, goes along way. It’s comforting to be among professionals who are caring for patients."

Tami, Montclair

"I have been going to the Nutley location for many years for various tests and each and every time I have been there the staff is so very pleasant and caring. From the minute I walk in and am greeted by the receptionist to the technician performing the test I feel at ease and genuinely cared for!"

Jasna, Nutley

"I have always been uncomfortable with MRI and always fail to complete them. The young lady at your facility was the first person that ever help me be confident enough to get through this procedure without  quitting before it was complete. Because of her I think I can move forward pass my fear.. and I'm grateful to God and her for this... THANKS!"

Porshia, Montclair

"I have been using Montclair Radiology for about 10 years for routine and non-routing procedures. The most devastating time was when I was 6 months pregnant and needed an MRI because my legs went numb.  Every time I ever went to Montclair Radiology, the staff was pleasant and accommodating. I moved less than an hour out of the Nutley area last year, but I still choose Montclair Radiology for my Xray, MRI and mammogram needs. Thank you!"

Barbara, Nutley

"Montclair Radiology provided an appointment at 7am the following day of me calling which was very accommodating to my every day schedule. The receptionist and technician were great! Overall it was a great experience and I plan on using them for my next appointment."

Loumary, West Caldwell

"I met the finest staff at Montclair Radiology when I was there for X-Rays Saturday August 19 at 8:30am. Very pleasant staff. It was a quick in and out."

Dr. O Satty, Montclair

Over many years I have been a patient at the Nutley location for a variety of tests that are offered. I have always felt comfortable and appreciate the professional and kind staff from the check in to the tech's. In fact, I have brought friends and family to this location as well as recommend people to the Nutley offices.

Bernadette, Nutley

From making the appointment, to being checked-in, to each radiology service, everyone was really friendly and made me feel welcomed and cared for.

Mari, West Caldwell

I was very satisfied.

Anna, Nutley

It was very easy to schedule my appointment.

Althea, Montclair

My mammogram was quick, easy and professional. The subsequent ultrasound was the same. This was my second one there and I'll continue to have them done at Montclair Radiology

Janet, Montclair


Very friendly atmosphere makes you feel very comfortable...very knowledgeable techs/drs and office staff and always on time!

Elvira, Montclair

I have only gone to the Nutley office for mine & my families radiology needs. My last visit was in the West Caldwell facility, and I must say, I won’t ever go back to the Nutley office or any other office.
I had to have a biopsy done and the staff was AMAZING. From the receptionist to the technician, Jenni, that explained the whole procedure and stayed with me & held my hand throughout, to the young lady that had to do the mammogram after the procedure and the doctor who performed the procedure. They were all wonderful, kind, courteous and professional.

Michele, Nutley


I went to this facility twice in 2 weeks. I like the idea that the parking was easily accessible and the tests were done so quickly. In and out both times within 1/2 hour. Staff is very friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Linda, Jersey City

Getting a Mammogram is never fun but having a quick and easy time of it is wonderful. I have been going to the West Caldwell location of Montclair Radiology for several years now and am always impressed with their staff and service. They are truly top notch. I thank them all for everything they do!

Dawn, West Caldwell


For the past 10 yrs. I have my yearly exam at Montclair Radiology. The staff has always been sincere, considerate and understanding. Thank you

Dolores, Nutley


I have to have an MRI every year because I have MS. I always go to Montclair Radiology in Nutley NJ. The appointment making process is easy, (no matter what insurance I have at the time) and I never have to wait when I get there. I especially like the technician that performs the MRI. He is professional, but also friendly and he makes me feel at ease. We talk about our dogs and trade our different dog stories. After that, he makes sure I knew exactly what is going to happen. He asks me if I'm comfortable before we start. I never worry during the MRI process.

Susan, Nutley


I always feel very welcome at Montclair Radiology. I have been going there for years. The staff is professional, courteous, knowledgable and warm. I am always in and out quickly too!


Patricia, Montclair

I have always chosen Montclair Radiology as the place I go to any and all services related to radiology. The staff at the Montclair site are superb and very welcoming. I give thumbs up to the staff in this office and wouldn’t choose to go anywhere else.

Bernice, Montclair

My name is Jenn. I was having trouble breathing and my dr. recommended Montclair Radiology for chest xrays to see what might be going on. I was sent to office immediately and they took me immediately, I only waited a short time after I filled out my paperwork and the radiologist was so kind and she made me feel very comfortable and not afraid. She answered all my questions and even showed me back to the dressing room. Very kind and so was her assistant. It was a very pleasant visit for the circumstances of breathing problems I was having. Thank you Montclair Radiology. I'd recommend your business to everyone!!!

Jennifer, Nutley


I've had both MRIs and Mammograms done at the Nutley office. Each time my wait was very short if any at all, appointments have been easy to make and the staff is always kind and considerate. THANK YOU!


Phylis, Nutley

MRI and Mammogram

I was very satisfied.

Howard, West Caldwell

I was a long time patient at a facility in Clifton. After a bad experience, I was referred to Montclair Radiology. I wish I hadn't wasted any years anywhere else. The staff are always friendly and professional. The wait times are always very reasonable ... almost too quick to believe! I feel very confident that all my medical needs are now in very capable hands!

Gail, West Caldwell

Great service and friendly.

Juana, Nutley

I had an excellent experience with my recent visit to Montclair Radiology. The staff was very much humble and treated me like a special customer. Full attentions were given to my personnel needs. They had in and out in less than 20 minutes. I recommend everyone to use this facility.

Vinod, West Caldwell

I have been with Monclair Radiology since try opened up and wry please with the comped staff . I would recommend hem to everybody .

, West Caldwell

I have been going to the Nutley location for many years for various tests and each and every time I have been there the staff is so very pleasant and caring. From the minute I walk in and am greeted by the receptionist to the technician performing the test I feel at ease and genuinely cared for!

Jasna, Nutley

My experience at Montclair Radiology in West Caldwell could not have been better. Everyone was professional and friendly. Danielle, my technician, was very patient in explaining everything about my procedure. My doctor also advised me about all of the steps in the process. I was very calm and confident that all would go well. It did. I could not have been happier during my visit. I will recommend Montclair Radiology in West Caldwell to anyone who needs similar services. Thank you.

Joseph, West Caldwell

My first time experience at the Montclair Radiology of Nutley on Aug.14, 2017 was great I got an appointment the same day the speedy service I received taking my xray and the technician was nice and the receptionist as well. I would recommend anyone to go there. So pleased thank you Montclair Radiology of Nutley.

Carol, Nutley

When I needed a pre-approval from my insurance company, Lori and Montclair Radiology called me. She told me she had contacted my doctor, but also suggested that I call him because the doctor's office had not responded in a timely fashion. Thanks!

Rickey, West Caldwell

The staff at Montclair Radiology are always professional and courteous. They treat you with respect and do everything to make you feel comfortable. A very caring experience is given, not matter what type of test you are taking.

Laura, West Caldwell

There's always a pleasant environment at Montclair Radiology in West Caldwell. The facility is clean and the staff is friendly. I do like the ample parking too!

Sharon, West Cadwell

I am very uneasy about doing an MRI. I went to the Nutley office and the technologist was very patient and worked with me to make me feel comfortable. There was also headphones with music provided to those who might need to feel soothed while doing the MRI. The receptionist was very nice and was easy to work with to fit my schedule for my appointment. I did not have to wait long, my appointment was 7:00am and I arrived at 6:50am and by 7:02am I was called in to take my MRI. I highly recommend Montclair Radiology to anyone in need of an xray, MRI or anything else they offer.

Ariel, Nutley


I go to Montclair Radiology twice a year to keep tabs on a tumor. I always go right in, and receive professional treatment from any staff member that I encounter. I have never felt rushed, and everything is explained so that I understand what's going on. It's a great place, and I've been to most of their offices over the years. Consistent quality and service.

Charles, West Caldwell

I recently had to see two diff't technicians: MaryAnn and Alicia. They were both very professional and compassionate - something that is needed in the medical field!

Lisa, West Caldwell

This was my first MRI and I was a bit nervous. The ambiance of the office was very pleasant which helped me feel comfortable. The office was very neat and organized. I love the option to listen to a radio station during my MRI because it definitely helped calm my nerves. The staff was excellent and super nice. I am definitely making this my go-to place! Thank you everyone at Montclair Radiology!

Carolyne, Nutley

I had an ultrasound done and the tech whom I had the pleasure of dealing with was wonderful.. Hope to have her again at my next visit at 32 weeks.

Jasmine, Jersey City


I recently had a mammogram in which I had to return for additional views.  I was told this on a Friday (early afternoon) by my doctor.  I phoned for an appointment( in a panic) and was given one for that afternoon.  I had the additional views and sonogram done.  When it was finished the radiologist came in and gave me the wonderful news that everything was normal.  Not having to wait the weekend (or a week from most places) was an absolute blessing.  This facility is not only professional but consider the feelings of their patients, unlike many doctors and hospitals in today's society.  I highly recommend the Nutley office, all the time. But then again, I always did.  Wonderful caring staff and the atmosphere and waiting time is like no other.  Excellent experiences ALWAYS!!!

Muhammad, Verona


I was a nervous wreck about my first MRI experience and basically started to tear up the second I walked in the building. The staff was incredible. The woman who took my information could see my stress and explained the procedure to me - assuring me that it would be quick and easy. The nurse who brought me in was also wonderful, she even let me walk into the room before my procedure so I could see the MRI machine before I went into it. I felt much more comfortable after that and she even checked in during (on the headphones) to let me know that it was almost over. The MRI itself was not my favorite thing, but the staff made it a much better experience. Thanks to all!

Katherine, West Caldwell


I have been going to this office for the past few years and every experience has been excellent. Wait time is minimal, a very friendly and caring staff, and test results sent promptly as requested. I highly commend the entire operation.

Susan, West Caldwell

You guys are amazing. Great job.

Maria, Nutley

Doctor wanted me to go to Saint Barnabas Radiology. I told them no thanks. I love Montclair Radiology. Thank you all.

Denise, Montclair

I’m very happy with the service. I had no discomfort after.  Thank you Montclair Radiology.

Christine, Jersey City

Keep up the good work.

Lamar, Nutley

I forgot my technicians name but she was excellent. I was comfortable from the moment I met her and she was very thorough with explaining everything she was going to do.

Jennifer, West Caldwell

I have been going to West Caldwell for a few years and everyone is wonderful and pleasant.

Theresa, West Caldwell

Always superior service.

Noel, West Caldwell

Staff is great and very accommodating.

Lavenburg, West Caldwell

The Doctor and Nurses were wonderful.  The nurse who took care of me afterwards and stayed with me was wonderful.  Thank you all.

Linda, West Caldwell

Great staff and service!

Katalin, West Caldwell

Facility and service were excellent.

Marcia, Montclair


Initially my primary physician/doctor recommended your facility. When I contacted your appointment office, the lady was so accommodating and friendly. On my appointment date, the receiving staff was so nice that we exchanged jokes. On the second floor the receptionist was understanding. Your technician was helpful in assisting me putting on the garment for the x-ray. My right arm is in constant pain due to a congenital deficiency. The lady technician was kind and caring. I felt at home at the facility. Thank you!

Delfin, Jersey City


It is always a pleasure to deal with this location in my home town. I never have to wait long for an appointment; sometimes it is the same day as soon as I walk next door from my doctor at Vanguard Medical.

Diane, Verona

Excellent service and really quick to make appointment and once I walked fast to register and quick to attend your patients really nice people at your main desk really professional.

Lisette, Jersey City

The Jersey City location has excellent service and environment!

Daiana, Jersey City

The staff is  incredibly friendly - from the moment I walked through the door all the way to the CT table. It's a very well kept place & the staff are friendly & knowledgeable. Great atmosphere all around!

Octavio , Jersey City

I have actually been there a few times, for myself and my husband. Staff is very pleasant, from signing in to walking out. Also make you feel relaxed.

Cheryl , Jersey City

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