An extremely safe diagnostic exam, get your X-Rays done at at Montclair Radiology, where our board certified radiologists and X-Ray technologists provide compassionate service to all of our patients.

“I had a fantastic experience and results were immediately faxed to my doctor.”

Rita P. | X-Ray Patient

Getting an X-Ray at Montclair Radiology

Radiography - known as X-Ray - is the oldest and most frequently used imaging procedure. A safe and non-invasive exam, X-Rays can help physicians diagnose a myriad of medical conditions.

Montclair Radiology offers common X-Ray and fluoroscopy exams. Dedicated to providing safe and accurate diagnostic imaging, our X-Ray technicians will not only get the highest quality image but also ensure your comfort throughout the entire procedure. Conveniently located throughout Northern NJ, schedule your X-Ray appointment at one of our accredited imaging centers!

Common Questions about X-Ray

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