Ultra Low Dose CT

We provide faster examinations, more accurate CT scan results, and a better patient experience through our state-of-the-art NJ imaging centers, compassionate CT technologists, and board certified radiologists.

“I have been using Montclair Radiology for over 25 years. They go above and beyond to work with my insurance limitations – that is HUGE! Thank you!”

Doris V. | CT Patient

Getting a Low Dose CT Scan at Montclair Radiology

CT Scans - also commonly known as CAT scans - is a non-invasive imaging test that can help detect, diagnose, and ultimately treat certain medical conditions. CT scans are a painless diagnostic imaging technique often used to analyze the internal structures of the body.

Our NJ imaging centers have new Ultra Low Dose CT scanner, with 128 detectors that enable a much faster exam at less then 60% raditaion compared to other CT units availble. Our scanners allow us to not only perform studies of the Coronary Arteries but also any part of the body. At all of our NJ locations, our CT images are forwarded to a 3D Vital Images Vitrea workstation, where we perform sophisticated multi-planar manipulations and 3D reformations to extract the most information out of each exam.

Common Questions about Ultra Low Dose CT

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